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Storm (Age: 8 yrs, Weight: 28lb, Sex: female, Breed: lemon beagle) Her whole life with one family - nothing wrong with her - people issues have caused her to become a B&B resident. Nuthin' quite as great to come home to as a good ole family dawg....come visit this gal soon as you can - she's very easy to have around. Thanx Deby Richards for sponsoring - she would love a foster home!! Just had her teeth cleaned and while sleeping, vet flushed out her ears - so she's practically had an Extreme Makeover! Blood panel done and every little bump removed...she's tip top!
Snoopy Doo (Age: 4 yrs, Weight: 45lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle grande) Very handsome lad who was a stray that no one claimed. What a mellow personality! Loves loves loves his car rides and he is so sweet and gentle. Gets on well with other dogs, kids and we can test for cats. He settled in a nice family's front yard and hasn't moved for the past month - other than to go to the vet's and learn that he's not microchipped. Signs and advertising has not turned up his family - so we don't know what to think. How could anyone not be missing and wanting such a swell guy back........gets on well with others. We'll update you as we learn more about him - or come visit and get acquainted directly! Sponsored by our friends at Point Loma Credit Union.
Moses (Age: 12 ?, Weight: 22lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) Maybe we should have named him Methusela...the vol who delivered him affectionately said he was "older than dirt." We're anxious to get his photo up for you - and to have our vet check him out. Arthritis in his front wrists - they are bone to bone - he moves slowly and has some bumps on him. We want him to be comfortable and feel loved...sponsors? He got 'em! Caitlin and her beagle Shorty...and a "special sponsor" too!
Honey (Age: 1 yr, Weight: 15lb, Sex: female, Breed: beagle mix) Sweet little red/white gal who is very shy. We're letting her come around in her own time - and it's working....7/17 she can go a patient home - teens and adults...she'd like a k-9 pal, too! Ask us who her dog de jeur is when you visit! We'd say male, a bit older than her - lotsa beagles qualify Kinda of a cross between Tapioca/Lilly/Biscuit....
River (Age: 4 yrs, Weight: 15lb, Sex: male, Breed: doxie/beagle) He's from Tehachapi! Cool little dude - come hang with him and his BFFs here at B&B to get better acquainted. We recommend an adult home - it's not that he's bit anyone or anything like that - he's just not a kid's sort of dog....
Loyal Buddy (Age: 5-6 yrs, Weight: 27lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) He lived with a senior woman and was very devoted to her. Wonderful gentle guy. We had his ear hematoma seen to - he has had a chronic problem with one ear, so you'll want to keep it clean and we're happy to give you a ear-cleaning lesson - included with adoption! Wonderful personality!
Frodo (Age: 3 yrs, Weight: 25lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle x ?jack russell?) Click on the thumbprint and you'll see those are very long ears flying in the wind - as he runs fast! Rescued from shelter where he was at high risk - Frodo is having a great time making friends at B&B - come on over to meet 'n greet him yourself - soon as you can! You gotta see this guy in person - soooo cute! Though he seems to like his kids with mustard and ketsup...so teens and adults pls...
Trousdale (Age: 2, Weight: 25lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) Came from his one and only home where kids had allergies. He is food aggressive with other dogs - so feed them separately and no chew toys, bones for anybody....or only dog. No youngsters pls - he'll smell peanut butter and jelly on little fingers a mile away. He can't be in the house when family is eating - proactive/preventative actions are the very best with him. Beautiful dog - and lovely personality other than the food obsession....Yea!! Sponsored by David - much thanx!
Buster Brown (Age: 3 yrs, Weight: 49lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) We just hated to say 50 lbs...but he doesn't look it...big bones? Actually, he's been missing regular exercise...now that he's running with the hounds daily, we hope he'll slim down a bit. He is house and leash trained, well mannered and great with kids over, probably 8 years. Been with his one and only family since he was a little pup. Nuthin' wrong with him at all - lotsa moving by his people caused his release....
Marilyn (Age: 6-7 yrs, Weight: 30lb, Sex: female, Breed: beagle) Middle-aged gal - classic tri-colored with lotsa "ticking" on her legs. She was raised with, and the boss of, a male beagle. Come take her for a spin around our doggie park to get acquainted. She is very good with young children!

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