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Trevi (Age: 7 yrs, Weight: 30lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) Wonderful family companion; he really enjoys his walks, rides well in the car, is house and leash trained and used to people of all ages. His lifelong people are now retired and he still feels like a young dude who wants to power walk faster than his Dad. We're hoping to ultimately fix his people up with a more senior fella...not to ever replace Trevi, cuz that's just not possible. But Trevi is all about "whatever works" and seeing that everyone is happy. He's our kinda guy!
Odin (Age: 5 yrs, Weight: 35+lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle grande) Click on thumbprint to see his whole body! He'll want a beagle savvy adult home - he's great with other dogs of any size. Could stand to lose a few kilos....Hope you can take him for a stroll soon.....housetrained!
Boots (Age: 10 yrs, Weight: 30lb, Sex: female, Breed: beagle mix) Adopted from us several years ago - her Dad had to go live with his daughter out of state - so Boots came back to us. She's an excellent dog - everything you'd want in a great pal. Click on thumbprint to see her strolling - quite an elegant lady!
Bagel (Age: 9 yrs, Weight: 50lb, Sex: male, Breed: lemon beagle) He's a big bagel - who does not have low thyroid. He's been eating l-l/2 c low cal food for a year. His first day at B&B we saw he and little Murphy play, twist, turn and run - what fun! Maybe this is the trick for him - a little brother. House and leash trained; kind to a fault. Come check him out!
Allie (Age: 5 yrs, Weight: 25lb, Sex: female, Breed: beagle) Beautiful girl - inside and out! Sadly, hit by a car in Tehachapi. Bakersfield was so great to send her to a private vet who took good care of her until we could snag her. Both front legs were "degloved" - our vet was able to graft and stretch skin to patch up one let, so there's just one that is still bandaged with two large open wounds. This is a very slow healing process and would go quicker if she could find herself a foster home with no dust or flies to get in the would - and leave the bandage off. Sun and air are good healers....Wonderful disposition! Got her sponsor! Thanx so much!!

I've been adopted!
Lilly Lemonade (Age: 6 mo, Weight: 16lb, Sex: female, Breed: lemon beagle) Sooo loving and sweet - great kisser! Loves to ride in the car. Really likes to lay next to you w/ her head on your leg. Great on her walks - just an excellent little girl! She'll fill out some, but won't be over 25# WOW us with your excellent emailed application to get an audience with this princess!
Old Guy (Age: 10, Weight: 35lb, Sex: male, Breed: basset/beagle) Found by a Good Samaritan who located B&B and brought him to us - he was very skinny and dirty - obviously had been on his own for awhile. We loved him immediately and are thrilled that he's found himself a good home. this is his "after" photo - for arrival pix, see "Baseman"
Sad Sack Barkin' (Age: 7, Weight: 30lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) ...And that's not his AKC name. Turned into LB animal control with a beagle pal who got adopted. He's not really a Sad Sack - just not a great pix. Very housetrained from our first observations - rides well in the car and gets on with other pooches just fine.
Murray (Age: 7 yrs, Weight: 25lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) Running in the country and snagged by a B&B fan who has one of our beagles. He waited out his time at the local shelter and when not claimed or adopted, he joined our family. Easy to be around - nice ole family dog!
Suzi (Age: 7+ yrs, Weight: 20lb, Sex: female, Breed: beagle, pure) Gorgeous little one - this is her full size...she's always gonna look like a puppy. White saddle w/ two black hearts. Very loving and also alpha - any pal must be male (though she'd be happiest as your "one and only") and not a good idea to pet her while she's sleeping. We're saying teens and adult home. Her ideal home: couple or single w/ one work at home person. She will jump up and sit right behind you while you're on the computer. Great companion. Lovingly sponsored by Richard, Reba and beagle boy Tommie! Got a great big ole kidney stone (almost golf ball size) removed and she's recuping nicely. Lost some weight during this whole ordeal....still looks like a puppy!

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