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You can meet the rescue dogs at our weekend adoption events, or by appointment at the sanctuary.

Beagles and Buddies Sanctuary
23430 Hwy 18
Apple Valley, CA 92307
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/n5Jiq

Email: beaglesandbuddies@gmail.com

Help & FAQ

  • About Adopting
    The decision to adopt a dog is one of great responsibility. When caught up in the excitement of a new pet, it's easy for people to forget about the lifelong commitment that pet ownership represents. By adopting rescue dogs instead of making pet shops purchases you become an active partner in better solutions to this devestating problem of thrown away animals. Loving trusting loyal creatures who clearly do not deserve that fate. Your adoption fees help insure the life & support of many deserving dogs who weren't lucky enough or glamourous enough to get a second chance at a loving home and will live our the rest of their lives here in the sanctuary.

    Once a doggie makes it to Beagles & Buddies, she or he is safe for life. We either find him or her a great home or will keep the pooch for his or her lifetime. At Beagles & Buddies we attack the devastating problem of discarded creatures in the only way we know how, one little doggie at a time. Unfortunately lifetime commitments on over one hundred dogs costs a wad of money & we generate funds in any way we possibly can.
  • What do you get out of adopting from Beagles and Buddies?
    When you find yourself a doggie, before it goes home with its new family it gets:
    - Bathed
    - Nails clipped and ears cleaned.
    - Each dog is given a collar & leash. Some dogs will have a rabies tag and a microchip tag, if they had their shot and chip done by B&B.
    - We prep your new doggie while you play w/ the other dogs or get a lesson in dog bathing or ear cleaning to help prepare you as a doggie parent.
    - Each doggie is spayed/neutered & fully vaccinated.
    - Their appropriate booster shots are already given, Frontline is applied as a guard against fleas and ticks & everyone has been wormed.
    - To the best of our knowledge each dog is delivered to adoptive parents parasite-free and healthy.
    - Adoptive families enter into a written contract with Beagles & Buddies which ensures the dog will be returned to us if insurmountable circumstances are encountered. We fully expect folks to do everything they have promised in their application & contract, including any necessary training if appropriate.

  • Adoption fees
    Tax deductible donations begin at 150 dollars & go up to 750. Puppies & premium purebred dogs help to support the older dogs & will cost more. Adoption fees help cover medical care & housing for senior dogs & all those less premium fellas who don't ever get successfully adopted but will still be lovingly maintained for the remainder of their lives here at Beagles & Buddies. Our little movie stars & premium purebred fees will generally cost less than standard retail puppy mill perpetuating Pet shop purchases ... But quite honestly we intend to charge the highest possible fee we can for the more marketable & desirable premium dogs. This really helps us pick up slack on that huge tab for all the others who are less fortunate & not nearly as glamourous. We hope to squeeze every single nickel we can out of any adoption. Adoption donations are never for those dogs you get to take home. They cover all the others being left behind & also go towards other little fellows who are hopefully lined up at our back door waiting for a vacancy.

  • After care:
    Please keep in touch with us & contact us with any questions or concerns. If we can help we surely will & when we can't we can often still make a referral.

  • What about the dogs that don't get adopted?
    Leftover unadopted doggies are every bit as as loving loyal & deserving as all successfully adopted animals. Quite naturally our puppies & glamour dogs help support the rest of the gang by their adoption fees.

    Your tax-deductable adoption fee feeds a bunch of the other guys for months or may cover that vet bill on some other little fellow's broken leg or ear infection. It may just be that few extra bucks we need that month enabling us to open up the back door & welcome another needy little guy over into Beagles & Buddies safety & sanctuary for the rest of his life.

  • Where do I go to find myself a companion?
    Beagles and Buddies
    Apple Valley Sanctuary

    23430 Hwy #18
    Apple Valley, CA 92307
    (626) 444-9664.


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