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I've been adopted!
Pilgrim (Age: 8 mo, Weight: 18lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle, pure) So handsome! He is just about the sweetest thing ever! We want to put a little more meat on his ribs and will get him neutered before he heads out. He is very gentle, loving and great with all ages of people and dogs. We simply adore him!! Isn't that the face of LOVE? Got his own boys! That's my arm he's resting his little head on....
Baxter (Age: 7 yrs, Weight: 30lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) Came to us from risky situation at shelter. He's got a bump on his ear and we'll get it removed for cosmetic reasons. It is not adversely affecting his health or causing him distress. Nice guy!
Sure Shot (Age: 6-7 yrs, Weight: 30lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) Great classic beagle boy - rides nicely in the car. Came from shelter with Long Shot - though we don't think they're related. Good family pal!
Long Shot (Age: 10 yrs, Weight: 20lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) He's just a little guy! Always gonna look like a puppy - we'd like to see him and Good Time Charley go out together! Not grumpy old men at all! Come visit soon as you can! Hadn't had his bath when this pix was taken - got the dust hosed off and he shined up real nice! Everybody loves this little fella!
Buster (Age: 3 yrs, Weight: 40lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle basset or bassador?) His head looks more like a coonhound, but we know he'd be much bigger if that breed was a component for him...no droopy jaws, eyes or basset ears....very handsome combo! Could be a lab/basset...bassador. If you're looking at petfinder or adoptapet, be sure to doublecheck B&B's own website cuz we update it daily and I'm sure we'll be giving you the latest on this guy as it comes to us.....Great personality - gets on well with everybody - handsome, charming lad!
Good Time Charlie (Age: 9 yrs, Weight: 25lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) He had been at shelter for a very long time - looks and acts like a much younger pooch. Really kicks up his heels and dances! His BFF is Lucas, 4 yr old chocolate tri-colored boy. Shape he's in, GTCharlie could enjoy another 9 years!
Cecil (Age: 5-6 yrs, Weight: 30lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) Classic tri-colored handsome lad - we're getting to know this fella, and so far he's Aces! Come spend some time and get acquainted soon! He's a retriever! Loves to toss his toy and then go get it! We watched him for half an hour with a donut type toy wrapped around his snout....good time!
Gladys (Age: 12 yrs, Weight: 20lb, Sex: female, Breed: beagle mix) Black & white - slightly longer hair. She was abandoned at Orange County Animal Shelter with another senior gal. Other pooch got adopted and we were happy to snag this one quickly. Easy going - great companion for senior people!
Rocky II (Age: 5 yrs, Weight: 30lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) Very handsome and EZ going guy. Came from a family where he just didn't work out - he's been terrific with us and one of our all time favorites! Come visit soon as you can - he is good friends with Rocky I, Bubba, Campout and even some non-beagles....Sponsored by our friends at University Credit Union.
Smokey (Age: 6 yr, Weight: 22lb, Sex: male, Breed: blue tick beagle, x) Likes to be an only dog. You can walk him w/ a gentle leader. Housetrained and well mannered w/ his people. He'd like a calmer adult home. One of our favorites! He plays fine with our dogs in the Red Cloud Ranch playgrounds. Much thanks Jason family~~for sponsoring this deserving guy! We're kind of co-parenting him with his BFF Tina who comes and walks him, takes him to the park, on outings....and who adopted some of his RCR pals...Leroy Brown ++++

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