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Betty boops bday!

Hi guys,

I just want to write and tell you all about my birthday day, it was action packed! Well, I woke up and did the usual morning routine. After I was finished eating, Mom gave me a T-shirt and guess what? I am bigger than Mom thought! It was a little tight and I didn't make one fuss about her trying to get it on me :)

She also served my breakfast and dinner on my birthday placement that she bought for me. Later in the morning, she had cake for me and gave me a slicewith a candle on it.

Mr. MaGoo and I played for about 1 hr; we played the game twister, I would go under his legs and wrap myself around him. At times he fell over. hehehe. Buffy sat and kept a watchful eye on him; when he became to ruff, she would step in tell him to be gentle. Of course when she did this, Mom would come in and pull Mr MaGoo off me.

Later in the day, Mom and I went for a car ride.....I love the convertible! I had my new shirt on and was standing on the seat biting at the wind. She took me up to the vet's; but, this was a visit like I have never experienced before. I got to play with a BIG dog and everyone was REALLY NICE. I heard them tell Mom that they were so PROUD of me that I made it this far; I showed them, they couldn't believe it was me because I was so calm and playful.

That night, I waited for everyone to fall asleep and I tiptoed out the door to celebrate my birthday the right way..PARTY ON DUDE. I was able to get back in before everyone was awake; however, I had so much excitement and drank way too much because I had a hangover the next day. Well, a hangover the Betty Boop way; I had a seizure (get this! the last time I had a seizure was late Sept/early Oct) right before Mom was to go to the airport. Needless to say, I was caught "red handed" but Mom didn't get upset; in fact, she missed her flight and stayed with me until later that night. I heard her making phone calls and telling everyone that she couldn't leave me, that it didn't feel right and that she would catch the last flight out of San Diego.

She caught the last flight out at 9:35pm (she was supposed to be on a 2pm!)and the sitter came later in the evening to check on me. I knew that my Mom was away; so, I decided to sleep until she came back :)

All and all, it was a GREAT birthday and has been a GREAT year for me! I know that I am still not out of the woods based upon all the research that Mom did; but, that is not stopping her from letting me be me.

No worries, Mom took tons of photos and will send you the album.

Betty Boop (the one with my face in the bowl) [Dec. 23, 2001]


How do new dogs and babies get along?

The baby and the dog should never be left alone together.

However, Bassets are the least likely to be dangerous. There are other breeds such as the Labrador, the Golden Retriever, and the Collie that are unlikely to snap at children.

Adopting an older dog that has had experience with children is much better than adopting a puppy or a young dog without experience.

With puppies, teething is part of growing up - and sometimes they don't know the strength of their own jaws. Rather than riskng it, go with an older dog. That way, both parties can have fun & respect without getting into any trouble!!

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