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Harper and Woody

Hello all-

Just wanted to touch base and let you know how things are going with Ellie May (re-named Harper). Long story short: she's doing terrific and we feel lucky to have her! Just a great, beautiful, big-hearted dog. She's very bright and has learned very quickly. Although still mischieveous every once in a while (digging, chewing, etc.) she is afterall a puppy and she immediately knows when she's done something wrong. That makes it easier on us, because we learned early on - and we're guessing here - that she might have been abused when she was much younger. When we were first disciplining her (and for my wife and I that means raising one's voice and pointing at the "bad thing,"), she would howl as is if she was being whipped, even if you just raised your voice. It was very sad, and it made teaching her various things a bit tricky because we certainly did not want to upset her like that. But, as I said, she is one smart cookie, and quickly learned whatever we were trying to teach her. We've also learned that she can be very stubborn - we're guessing this is a coonhound trait...

She definitely loves her new pack (Alex and Marley), and they love her. In fact, she has become especially close with another new member of the pack, Woody, as the attached photo shows.

Thanks for steering us to Ellie May - she's one in a million! We'll send more photos with the rest of the pack soon.

best, steve and pam


How do new dogs and babies get along?

The baby and the dog should never be left alone together.

However, Bassets are the least likely to be dangerous. There are other breeds such as the Labrador, the Golden Retriever, and the Collie that are unlikely to snap at children.

Adopting an older dog that has had experience with children is much better than adopting a puppy or a young dog without experience.

With puppies, teething is part of growing up - and sometimes they don't know the strength of their own jaws. Rather than riskng it, go with an older dog. That way, both parties can have fun & respect without getting into any trouble!!

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