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Success Stories


At first, Petey was very scared of the whole daycare concept particularly since it's run by a man --I think Petey has some issues with males judging from his reactions to strangers. After the first day, and I think once he figured out that I would always come back for him each night, he has been much better. It's a little hard on the wallet but he's totally worth it. He is taken each day along with other dogs up to the mountains for some nice, scenic hikes. If he gets tired, the daycare guy just carries him.

I've noticed that Petey is very hesitant, almost scared when it comes to meal time. I literally have to hold, pet, kiss and talk to him to coax him into eating. I worry that in his other life there may have been some sort of abuse going on. I hope to get him over this 'fear' in the near future. Other than that, he seems to be doing really well, and I love him dearly.

Thanks again.




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