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Wyatt, Bernice & Elice! ...

He seems to have found his place in his new home. He is getting along with his new brother and sister just fine. He also made the 7 hour car ride back to Tucson without any incidents. [10.21.01]

[Update 11.12.01]
Just wanted to let you know that Wyatt has adjusted very well. We originally wanted him to learn some traits from our oldest dog, but he seems to be teaching the older dog a few new tricks.- Don A.

Here are a few pictures of our family. We adopted Bernice (she was known as Amy at the B & B) on April 6th, 2001 at the Pet Expo. She is the smaller beagle. She enjoys spending all her time right next to her big beagle brother Barnaby. They both sit underneath their parrot bother, Pacos cage awaiting for him to drop a piece of carrot or corn. Bernice loves going to the park and we have a nick name for her, its Bullet,
because she runs so fast!! She is such a joy and a love. Thank you so much again for letting us adopt her. We love her so much!

Jill, Dan, Barnaby, Bernice and Paco


How do new dogs and babies get along?

The baby and the dog should never be left alone together.

However, Bassets are the least likely to be dangerous. There are other breeds such as the Labrador, the Golden Retriever, and the Collie that are unlikely to snap at children.

Adopting an older dog that has had experience with children is much better than adopting a puppy or a young dog without experience.

With puppies, teething is part of growing up - and sometimes they don't know the strength of their own jaws. Rather than riskng it, go with an older dog. That way, both parties can have fun & respect without getting into any trouble!!

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