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Bella & Rocco 4ever


Hi Connie,
here are some pictures of Bella(formerly Citron Belle) and Rocco. They play all day long and go to sleep together every night. Hope you enjoy these pics.
thanks Kumiko

Hi Connie
What a coincidence--we were just thinking about you and "Beagles and Buddies!" Well, I must tell you that our lovely Miss Jewels is having the absolute time of her life. She had so many laps to choose from for her naps that she ended up doing Beagle snores in everyone's lap. My mom and dad were surprised and delighted, but were actually hoping that Easter would be the day they would welcome their new little Beagle girl into their home, so they weren't that surprised. Jewels wasted no time sniffing every inch of their home and yard, her tail going a mile a minute. Everytime we picked her up for a hug, she let out these little contented Bealge sighs and snorts. My dad got on his knees, kissed her forehead and told her this would be her new home forever. She seemed to like that because he got a nice kiss from her in return. You'll have to excuse me if I sound a bit silly. We are all such a "doggie family" and tend to run on and on about our dogs. I must add that Jewels loved playing with our Beagle boy, whom she'll see at least once a week. They took turns chasing each other until they would fall on their sides for a quick rest, never taking their eyes off each other so as to know who was going to get up first. Jewels also has a lovely soft bed which
suits her very well. She likes to rest her head on the side so she can keep her eye on everyone. She is also a very gentle eater--takes doggie snacks gently and eats her food with more grace than most of our beagles have. We laughed when we saw her leap nearly 5 feet in the air to get a good look at what may be on the kitchen counters. She is such a good girl--a simple "no,
no," then lots of praise for getting down does the trick. She also sits very nicely, and will need alittle work on "come" and "stay." But my folk have more than 40 years experience with that, and I suspect it will be a pleasure for both Jewels and them. A darling assortment of doggie toys and many tennis balls also made me suspect that perhaps this was not a huge surprise for my folks. I can't tell you how much joy this little sweetheart has brought into our lives in only 48 hours. I took so many photos--I'll have to send you some. I haven't see my folks grin like that for so long since I told them they were going to have another grandchild 5 years ago! And when I told everyone about the "doggie serenade" we heard when a siren passed by at "Beagles and Buddies," everyone agreed it would be music to their ears, too. We had such a lovely time at the sanctuary and would love to come again for a visit. My mother-in-law especially had a wonderful time--she also has a
little Beagle and really enjoyed visiting with all of the precious dogs you have there. Thank you so much for everything, and we'll be sure to keep in touch often.

All the best,


How do new dogs and babies get along?

The baby and the dog should never be left alone together.

However, Bassets are the least likely to be dangerous. There are other breeds such as the Labrador, the Golden Retriever, and the Collie that are unlikely to snap at children.

Adopting an older dog that has had experience with children is much better than adopting a puppy or a young dog without experience.

With puppies, teething is part of growing up - and sometimes they don't know the strength of their own jaws. Rather than riskng it, go with an older dog. That way, both parties can have fun & respect without getting into any trouble!!

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