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Success Stories

formerly Julia

Hello to all my friends at Beagles and Buddies!

I just wanted to update you on the progress I'm making with my new family in Apple Valley. I love my new family and they love me very much! I think I've finally adjusted to their strange routines. I was accustomed to going to bed around 7:00 P.M., but now I'll wait to go to bed until 10:00 P.M. when the folks head to bed and I get into my own comfy bed. What has taken me the longest time to adjust to is their early rising at 5:30 A.M. I'm a sack hound and I don't think they realize I need my beauty rest to maintain my perky puppy demeanor. I'll just start taking more naps throughout the day, either on my favorite chair in the living room or out on one of the foot bridges, in the warm sun, in the backyard. I think I'm liking my backyard more and more as the weather improves. I like to hang with my people as they work in the yard.

They didn't think I had a voice for a few days, but they have come to appreciate my various vocalizations-a long howl if they forget about me or my favorite, the combo bark/howl that really gets their attention. But I never bark at anyone passing by my corner yard. I'm a very well-adjusted girl and do not feel threatened.

I like my diet of Nutro small-bite size food and the occasional dog cookies and jerky type treats. The treat thing is something new for me, but I'm liking it. Another thing that I'm getting use to is my daily walks with Mom. I usually take her out on a 25 minute circuit of the neighborhood. Now that the weather is good, I'll be taking more of these walks.

Hey, I have grandparents! They are nice people who watch me when my folks go somewhere for the day and I'm not with them. They live about a mile from my house, which is pretty handy! Today I went with my people to watch the boy play soccer. I tried watching the game, but I found myself dozing off now and then. A few other canines were at the game but I was on my best B&B behavior and didn't make a noisy scene. I'm learning to ride in the car. I was awake most of the way down, but I got comfortable and feel asleep in my seat. I think Mom feels lonely when I'm not in her lap, but she'll adjust! I've enclosed a few shots of me at my new home. I'll send more later. Oh, I almost forgot, I now go by the name Nora. Someday I may have a boyfriend they'll call Nick, but I'm pretty happy living my "single" life for now. That's it for now, thanks for caring for me until my folks found little ol' me. A-roooo!




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