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Shasta (Age: 5 yrs, Weight: 18lb, Sex: male, Breed: terrier/llhasa) Little blond wirey coated guy. Pals with Robbie. He's energetic, friendly, upbeat personality - come visit and hang with these guys soon as you can! Adorable underbite!
Holiday (Age: 3 yrs, Weight: 30lb, Sex: female, Breed: boxer mix) Looks like a miniature boxer. Came from family - she's an alpha gal who does fine with a submissive male. Teens or adults pls.
Punch (Age: 4-5 yrs, Weight: 11lb, Sex: female, Breed: fawn colored pug) Sweet natured little gal - you won't make a bad decision on adopting any of these cuties - just gonna be personal preference. Come visit and spend some time with them to decide which one wants you the most!
Darlin' (Age: 2-3 yrs, Weight: 8lb, Sex: female, Breed: Yorkshire terrier) Probably twin to Puddin' - these gals are real cuddlers - very social with other small dogs and love their people...we have saved their long hair whenever we could. Had to strip some - it'll grow back quickly....
Murray (Age: 7 yrs, Weight: 25lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) Running in the country and snagged by a B&B fan who has one of our beagles. He waited out his time at the local shelter and when not claimed or adopted, he joined our family. Easy to be around - nice ole family dog!
Suzi (Age: 7+ yrs, Weight: 20lb, Sex: female, Breed: beagle, pure) Gorgeous little one - this is her full size...she's always gonna look like a puppy. White saddle w/ two black hearts. Very loving and also alpha - any pal must be male (though she'd be happiest as your "one and only") and not a good idea to pet her while she's sleeping. We're saying teens and adult home. Her ideal home: couple or single w/ one work at home person. She will jump up and sit right behind you while you're on the computer. Great companion. Lovingly sponsored by Richard, Reba and beagle boy Tommie! Got a great big ole kidney stone (almost golf ball size) removed and she's recuping nicely. Lost some weight during this whole ordeal....still looks like a puppy!
Roscoe (Age: 6 yrs, Weight: 14lb, Sex: male, Breed: mini-poodle) Oh, he's been to the groomer's since this pix was taken! Now, so handsome!! Adopted from us four years ago and sadly, folks had to return him - nuthin' wrong with Roscoe at all - their move could not include him. He is a spectacular dog - good with other dogs of all sizes, cats and kids. House and leash trained - come and get him! Got a hair cut since his photo! Really looking good now!
Storm (Age: 8 yrs, Weight: 28lb, Sex: female, Breed: lemon beagle) Her whole life with one family - nothing wrong with her - people issues have caused her to become a B&B resident. Nuthin' quite as great to come home to as a good ole family dawg....come visit this gal soon as you can - she's very easy to have around. Thanx Deby Richards for sponsoring - she would love a foster home!! Just had her teeth cleaned and while sleeping, vet flushed out her ears - so she's practically had an Extreme Makeover! Blood panel done and every little bump removed...she's tip top!
Johnas (Age: 6 yrs, Weight: 35lb, Sex: male, Breed: border collie x) Adopted from B&B four years ago - pre-children for this family. He is housetrained and loves his walks - just not compatible with the kiddos or kitties..... He is fine with other dogs as long as they know he's boss. This is the nature of this breed - they're herding dogs...gotta have a job....
Tobie (Age: 2-3 yrs, Weight: 25lb, Sex: female, Breed: vet sez sharpei/chi ?) We could have never thought those breeds or mix....beautiful very short haired girl who is beagle size. Rescued from shelter where she was very much at risk. Her roomie at B&B is Chip, a lemon beagle boy. She's got a nice temperament, fine with all sizes of pooches and kids. She did fine when walked past cats who have been raised with dogs. In a foster home with cats, she was more assertive - so we wouldnl't recommend leaving her and kitties together without supervision.

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