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Jackson (Age: 6 yrs, Weight: 40lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) Click on thumbprint to see a beautiful beagle! This is the guy who was rescued with broken leg on side of freeway in Jackson, Mississippi. His rescuer, senior female trucker adopted him - and has had some tuff times with job and home, so he has returned to B&B to find himself a place where he can tell you stories of his travels.....treated for heartworm when he arrived, so he just takes a monthly pill to keep that in check. Could lose a few pounds....

I've been adopted!
Henry (Age: 2 yrs, Weight: 25lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) Beautiful two-tone red/white beagle boy who was much much loved in his home. Great with cats, house and leashtrained. We're recommending adults only cuz he's taking a while to accept the humans at B&B - some are his best friend - and some he wants to chew up and spit out....we'll keep you posted! Well, he's really taken a shine to some of our young teen volunteers! Lovingly sponsored by Gary and Diana Loucks, both serving our country in the Army and their two great beagles! This is the Loucks SIXTH sponsored pooch - and will surely be a lucky charm for Henry! GOT ADOPTED 10/18/09 by a guy named Henry!! These two Henry's visited several times before taking the plunge - we're very happy for everyone....and excited to learn who the next lucky Loucks' sponsoree is....****
Kerry (Age: 4 yrs, Weight: 35lb, Sex: female, Breed: Kerry Beagle) That's what she looks like to us - bigger than a beagle - smaller than a Coonhound. Beautifully proportioned. Rescued from shelter - we've no idea how/why she turned up there, but we're so glad to have her at B&B. She'll need a home w/out any cats and is content to be a homebody with her people. BIG NEWS! She is having a sleep-over and trial period in a new home - she did so well at her "interview" and socializing with a variety of new pooches, we are about to declare her "Healed!" Folks went a little fast with her - so she's back with us and wants a home that can go very slow with socializing her with strangers. She'll get there - at her speed - as she learns to trust. Within 2 days she was great with her immediate family - but didn't want to socialize with strangers yet...
Ellsworth (Age: 6-ish, Weight: 30lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) Came from same shelter as Limon...in the nick of time! We'll get the skin tags removed from his eyelid. Click on thumbprint to see his whole body and incredibly sweet pose! Great pal~~
Ben (Age: 13-ish, Weight: 28lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle - mix?) He's all white - sure got a beagle body! His lifelong pal is Shadow and they must go together. Both have had their teeth cleaned, blood panels done, x-rays - very thorough exams. They are on special food - the Science Diet you get at the vets to help their kidneys. Easy going and lovely Thanks Yvonne for sponsoring Ben!
Father Time (Age: 7-9ish...., Weight: 40lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) He's probably a blue beagle - beautiful white/grey/bluish coloring. Very easy going guy who is calm, quiet and a good friend to everyone. Good choice as a family's first pooch. Hope you can visit him soon! lovingly sponsored by Vicky, Jesus and Terrible (the beagle)....and FOSTERED by Helen and her Princess beagle!! Thanks so much - Helen also gave us a great Toyota Celica that we sold and got a great donation for the dogs!!
Rocky I (Age: 5 yrs, Weight: 40lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) The Rock has lived his life with another beagle - and he is a wonderful boy! House and leash trained and loves his people and his walks (not necessarily in that order). Quiet guy - and very handsome! Hope you can take him for a stroll soon. Loves his food and you don't want to try and take it out of his mouth - use water spritzer to get him to "release" things....we'll give you a lesson! Loves his belly rubs! So friendly and outgoing. His blood panel results are good, Cushings test...negative!
Leslie, Mike & Mattie (Age: 8 mo, Weight: 30-50lb, Sex: 2F; 1M, Breed: basset/beagles) Brother Mike is the big guy - so sweet and gentle. Sisters Leslie and Mattie are the short legged ones - Leslie is very outgoing, playful and happy. Mattie is shyer, quieter and nestles into the sofa if permission is given to her. All are just adorable!! So glad we got 'em! Click on the thumbprint to see everybody! Big Boy Mike in the middle got a great home with two Dads and wonderful Nathan, a German Shorthair Pointer x - whoopee~

I've been adopted!
Pioneer (Age: 7-ish, Weight: 17lb, Sex: female, Breed: beagle) Shelter had her listed as 2 years, but we think more like 6-7, based on her teeth. Being so tiny, she's always gonna have a sort of puppy appearance. We got ruptured mammary tumor removed and teeth cleaned. We are so grateful that the shelter held on to her for 21 days - and that we finally got her! She is just as sweet as they come - quiet and wonderful with the smallest of puppies - children, too.
Dogo (Age: almost 3 y, Weight: 25lb, Sex: male, Breed: beagle) Came from his one and only home - given up due to health of his mom, who is his favorite person. He is wary of strangers; OK with dogs bigger than him. Though his family has a very young child and he was fine with her, we are recommending older children (over 12 yrs) because of his attitude towards those he doesn't know....those would be friends of your children. He was the runt of the litter and still have a small body compared to his head....very handsome! His favorite home would probably be with one or two people who spend a lot of time with him....

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